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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New LGBT social networking site launches has lay dormant since 2003. Recently, the URL’s owner logged on to Google Analytics and noticed hundreds of thousands of hits on the direct URL entry alone. Afterward, the owner took the site, which was originally planned as a "year book" for local gay and lesbian bars, and decided to use it to launch a LGBT social networking venture.

"It's a competitive niche, but we are focusing on non-porn, non-quickie, agenda items,” says Rick Setter of Advocate USA, LLC, the corporation responsible for “We want to bring advocacy, education, interaction and fun to our LGBT members. We commissioned a study by Texas Research and Investment which showed both the increasing acceptance of the 'queer' moniker within the community and the ideals of having a site not dedicated to finding the hottest porn and quickest hookup." offers its members blogs, groups, chat and photo and video sharing. More features are on the way, including multiple profiles and privacy options. In addition, a speed-networking and speed-dating feature will be offered.

"The investment in initial research has allowed us to build a site optimized for desired features. We may be skewed toward the 30 to 40 set because of the values we represent, but advertisers will find a rich market to reach on," says Setter.  

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