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Friday, January 29, 2010

mDialog develops iPhone app for OUTtv’s Canadian LGBT niche

Toronto, Jan. 29, 2010 – Vancouver-based OUTtv, a gay and lesbian specialty broadcaster, has selected mDialog to develop and run its multi-show iPhone application. It uses mDialog's video ad insertion technology to place commercials on iPhone.

"Engaging our audience across multiple platforms is a driving factor behind our current media strategy," says Brad Danks, CEO, OUTtv. "Streaming our video programming to our audience on the iPhone is the next logical step and mDialog helped us make it happen. The opportunity to provide local, geo-targeted advertising is very compelling for us."

The application also lets mobile viewers access video episodes of popular programs, read the network’s primetime schedule and use social networking tools to connect over their favorite shows. mDialog taps into the latest mobile video capabilities, such as HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming technology, to give mobile audiences video entertainment.

OUTtv can use the technology to target ads based on geo-location, frequency capping and the time of day, making them relevant to its mobile iPhone audience. The broadcaster plans to use the new capability as it launches an automobile ad campaign aimed at two geographic targets. Its Vancouver-area iPhone viewers will see ads with a regional message, while the rest of Canada gets something different.

MDialog’s technology for OUTtv’s iPhone audience also introduces to iTunes the first Canadian multi-show app and first app to feature video programs for gay and lesbian audiences. It can be downloaded from the Canadian iPhone App Store and currently features four OUTtv shows from primetime. More shows will be added soon.


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